Effect pedals and stompboxes for guitar
In the Effects category you will find our range of effect pedals and stompboxes for guitars and also related accessories.

If you want to distort your sound, you need an overdrive, distortion or fuzz pedal. Whether you play rock, blues or metal - our selection covers every demand. If you prefer to use the distortion of your one-channel tube head, but you also need the clean sound, then a booster is the right choice. You can raise / boost the signal of your guitar and drive the amp into saturation.

In order to give your sound a homogeneous character, to achieve a fuller sound or even to create crazy sound effects, you should check our chorus / flanger / phaser section. Whether you are looking for a subtle effect, or search for so far unknown sounds - here you will find the right gear.

If you want your guitar to sound like you're playing inside a large hall or even a church, you should have a look at some of the echo, reverb and delay effects. We also offer our customers a wide range of wah effects - once made famous by legendary Jimi Hendrix and now one of the most often used effects in popular music.

If you own a large collection of effect pedals, you might know the problem of supplying power to your stompboxes. Single power supplies might be enough if you only use one or two pedals, but if you work with a larger setup, you should try our multi power supplies. These power supplies are available in various designs to suit all types of effects pedals.

But not only the power supply, also the routing can be difficult for many effect pedals. But there are useful devices, like switchers and loopers, that can help you out.