Guitars, Amps & Accessories
You'll find our product range of electric and acoustic guitars in our Guitar category.

For the adequate volume on stage or in your rehearsal room, an amplifier is necessary. We offer the right amp for every need - whether it's a tube head, a solid-state head or a hybrid solution - whether you search for a tube combo or a solid-state combo amp - you'll find it here. Of course we also offer the right cabinets for your stack.

To expand the sound spectrum of the beloved instrument we carry a wide selection of effect pedals for your guitar. Here you'll find distortion and overdrive pedals,reverb and echo effects, delays, chorus, flanger, phaser, wahs and compressors. We also provide the right power supply for your stompbox.

If you do not only want to play guitar, but are also interested in guitar building, then you will find an extensive range of replacement parts for your instrument, including pickups, guitar bodies, necks, tuners and unfinished guitar kits.

We also have appropriate accessories like strings, guitar stands, picks, straps, bags, cases and capos.