Electric and semi-acoustic guitars
The E-Guitar category shows our product line of electric guitars.

The familiar forms like Les Paul, SG, Stratocaster and Telecaster rank among the classic guitar shapes, that pioneered the electric guitar segment and still can be seen on almost all stages all over the world. Of course, the guitar shapes developed further, even though many guitarists prefer old guitars. In particular, the development of heavy metal music has led guitars to more extreme forms and a more specialized sound. Especially for this kind of music we have our own category for heavy models.

Because every guitar player has his own style and many musicians prefer unconventional guitars, we have a special section for miscellaneous electric guitars, which are not geared to the great role models and thus have their own character and charm.

You would like to learn guitar? We have the appropriate beginner sets, including a guitar and all accessories you'll need, like an amplifier, cables and picks.

Many guitars are available both as right- and lefthand version. To make sure that you keep track of all models, we created a separate category for lefthand guitars.