Accessories for electric and acoustic guitars
Many musicians use helpful accessory for their instrument. In our Accessories category you will find our wide range of useful equipment and tools.

The protection, preservation and transportation of the guitar is a big issue for most guitarists. Therefore, we offer stands and tripods, suitcases, cases and bags in all shapes and price ranges.

We also carry a wide selection of picks, straps and capos - and if your amp is getting a bit long in the tooth or the sound falls short of your expectations, you will find also the appropriate tubes here.

Also tuning and timing are of major importance in the band structure. We make sure, that you don't have to compromise and offer tuners and metronomes in all price ranges.

Proper maintenance is the basis and prerequisite for the feeling and the sound of your guitar. Whether it's fretboard cleaner or fretboard oil, body wax or body polish, cleaning and care products for strings, or lubricants for the mechanical parts - we have the care products that you are looking for!