effectpedals for bassguitars
In the Effects category, we carry a large selection of effects and pedals especially for bass guitars.

You can hardly play modern music and especially rock and heavy styles without distortion. Because bass players make other demands on distortion, overdrive and fuzz effects than guitarists, we have a large selection of different bass distortion and overdrive pedals in the program. There are also boosters to push even large tube heads with great headroom and to drive them into saturation.

In order to give your sound a homogeneous character, to achieve fuller bass tones or even to create crazy sound effects, you should check our chorus / flanger / phaser section. Whether you are looking for a subtle chorus effect, or search for so far unknown sounds - here you will find the right gear. With the rise of the dubstep wave also envelope filters, synth effects and autowahs moved into focus of modern bass players. To make sure that you keep track of all models, we have created a separate category for bass filters.

Even the classic WahWah effect can be played easily with a bass guitar. The appropriate pedals can be found in our bass wah category.