Way Huge Smalls Pork & Pickle (WM91) - Bass Overdrive / Fuzz

Product nr.: DL E WM 91

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Now in a compact Way Huge Smalls housing, the Pork & Pickle Bass Overdrive and Fuzz serves up a... more
Way Huge Smalls Pork & Pickle (WM91) - Bass Overdrive / Fuzz
Now in a compact Way Huge Smalls housing, the Pork & Pickle Bass Overdrive and Fuzz serves up a perfectly balanced diet of gnarly tones for bass players who like to get down and dirty. This delectable dish combines the warm, soft-clipping tones of the WHE Pork Loin Overdrive and the rich, fatty tones of the Russian-Pickle Fuzz in a single pedalboard-friendly package. To toggle between the two, just flip the OD/Fuzz switch. The Volume, Tone, and Drive controls perform their standard functions, applying to whichever dirt circuit is selected. This pedal has the Pork Loin Overdrive's distinct sauced up clean channel from the Pork Loin Overdrive - a modified classic British style preamp - but it can be used with either mode. That means that, for the first time, you can run the Russian-Pickle Fuzz signal alongside that super sweet sounding clean channel. Stir in as much of the clean signal as you need with the Clean Blend control, and then use the Clean Tone control to season it to taste. If you're the adventurous type, internal controls allow you to concoct more complex tonal recipes. The Pork Loin and Russian-Pickle circuits each have a level control, so you can set how much overdrive or fuzz is unleashed by external Volume control. Curve and Presence controls let you further refine the tone of the Pork Loin signal.

  • bass overdrive / fuzz effects pedal
  • combines WHE Pork Loin Bass Overdrive and WHE Russian-Pickle Fuzz in one compact pedal
  • parallel clean channel with adjustable blend / tone control to mix dirt and clean tones
  • true bypass
  • controls for Volume, Tone, Drive, Clean Blend, Clean Tone
  • OD/Fuzz toggle switch to change the drive mode
  • internal trim pots for Pickle Volume, Pork Volume, Pork Curve, Pork Presence
  • bypass footswitch
  • status LED
  • metal housing
  • 6.3 mm mono in / output jacks
  • power supply via 9V battery or optional 9V DC adapter (Dunlop ECB 003), 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) center
  • current draw 18.5 mA
  • dimensions (L x W x H) 104 x 61 x 53 mm
  • weight 260 g
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